I am an experienced teacher, and my teaching philosophy is informed by feminist pedagogy. I value collaborative learning and peer teaching. I aim to encourage students to connect our classroom teaching to contemporary social issues through the use of carefully curated documentaries, news articles, and popular media, in addition to academic books and articles. I strive to bring inclusive and diverse perspectives to my classroom. I aim to teach my students to think critically, write clearly, and discuss respectfully.

I look forward to teaching courses in gender and sexuality, feminist criminology, the sociology of sexual violence, reproductive health, and gender and politics. In whatever area I teach, I will bring my experience in a wide range of classroom settings and in developing effective teaching materials to promote learning in both large and small classes.


Assistant Instructor, Fertility and Reproduction (UT Austin)

Teaching Assistant, What We See, What We Believe (UT Austin)
Adjunct Instructor, Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Europe
(Huston-Tillotson University)
Lab Instructor, Introduction to Social Research Methods (UT Austin)
Teaching Assistant, Gender and Politics (UW Madison)
Teaching Assistant, Sociology of Gender (UT Austin)

Teaching Assistant, Comparative Religion, Politics, Culture (UT Austin)
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Sociology (UT Austin)